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1996 In spring the work on the production of the second CD Klangzauber der Gitarren begins which will be presented to the public on 25th of November in the Grand Hotel Wiesler in Graz .
From July on the GEG has its own homepage in the world wide web.
In autumn the rehearsals for the "Carmen -Suite" are about to begin. From the numerous concerts of the year 1996 should be particularly mentioned the one in the castle Krumbach and an open air concert in the south of Styria.
The performance of the "Carmen Suite" and "Klangzauber der Gitarren" at Stefaniensaal on Dec. 6th fills the audience with enthusiasm.

1997 The work for the spring concerts begins. On the 14th of March we play in Feldkirchen (Carinthia) and on the 19th of April we give a concert in Neulengbach (Lower Austria). The local press is lavish in its praise!
On the 12th of May we play in Laakirchen (Upper Austria) and fill the concert hall of the music college on a Monday.
On the 14th of May we provide the school leaving celebrations of the BLWB Schroedingerstrasse with background music.
On the 23rd of May we play in the offices of the head of the government of the county, Mrs. Waltraud Klasnic and on the 24th of May we have a gig in Deutsch-Kaltenbrunn (Burgenland) and give in the sold out church an incredibly good concert!
On the 13th of June we play the A level school leaving festival and on the 21st of June the GEG invites to the midsummer celebrations to Wenisbuch (Styria).
We deserve a few holiday weeks, but on the 1st of August the rehearsals for the next large project already begin: "Schubert's Unfinished symphony"!
On the 20th of September we play the opening concert of a festival in the castle in Gleinstaetten and in the south of Styria we play a tremendous concert between vineyards on the 26th of September.
At the same time we study the new works: Variations on "Oh Susannah", "Military March", "Arab Capriccio", "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" and "Cute".
In the parish Graz Kalvarienberg we give a concert on the 10th of October and on the 24th of October we are invited to a festival in Graz-Straßgang.
The annually main concert with the program for 1998 takes place on the 16th of December in the Grazer Stefaniensaal and two days later we play at the Christmas party of the company Hofstaetter and the football club "Liebherr GAK" in Graz.

1998 On the 14th of January we are live on television in "Welcome Austria".
The preparations for the recording of the third CD "GEG Again" follow, which takes us from 21st to 24th of May.
On the 5th of July we play a charity concert for the "intercultural multilingual kindergarten" in the Minoritensaal and on the 7th of July we present our new CD GEG Again in the "Generalihof" in Graz!
On the 16th of July we play in "Palais Schwarzenberg" in Vienna.

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