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1980Manfred Steflitsch forms a guitar choir recruiting the members from his students at St.Ursula's girls' school in Graz.
1985Regular weekly rehearsals are taken up.
1988On Feb. 4th first great performance celebrated enthusiastically by the local press.
1989 In May concert in Budapest (Hungary) and meeting with the famous Hungarian guitarist Daniel Benkö.
June 29th first summer concert at Heimatsaal (Graz).
For the first time students stay with the ensemble after finishing school.
1990 June 21st first performance of "Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr.3" arranged for guitars by M. Steflitsch at the summer concert in St.Ursula's Park in Graz.
In the following months lectures of Reinhard P. Gruber and Barbara Frischmuth are accompanied by St.Ursula’s Guitar Choir.
1991 May 15th live concert at the final performance of "Political Education" at the Styrian ORF studios.
May 19th - 21st tour to Munich.
Dec. 21st first large-scale concert thus opening the meanwhile traditional series of Christmas Concerts at Kammersaal (Graz).
In the following time the ensemble appears at several celebrations e.g. "Centenary of the Trade Unions of the Private Employees" (Kammersaal).

1980 - 1991 1992 - 1995 1996 - 1998


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