All works transcribed and arranged by Manfred Steflitsch

Renaissance and baroque
Anonymus (16. Jhd.) Pavane and Galliarda   Score  
Tomaso Albinoni - Remo Giazotto Adagio in g-minor   Score  
Antonio Vivaldi Concert in d-major
I. Allegro
II. Largo
III. Allegro
Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 Midi-file Score  
Johann Sebastian Bach Air Midi-file Score CD Vielsaitig
Georg Friedrich Händel Sarabande with variations   Score  
Classical period
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphonie in g-minor (Exposition)   Score CD GEG-Again
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik
I. Allegro
II. Romance
III. Menuetto
IV. Rondo
  Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphonie No. 5 (I. Allegro con brio)   Score  
Franz Schubert Symphonie No. 8 (unfinished), 1st movement   Score CD GEG-Again
Franz Schubert Military march (op. 51 Nr. 1)   Score  
Romantic period
Maurice Ravel Bolero   Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren
Modest Petrowitsch Mussorgski Pictures at an Exhibition
Promenade I
1. Gnomus
Promenade II
2. Il vecchio castello
Promenade III
3. Tuileris
4. Bydlo
Promenade IV
5. The ballet of the unhatched chicks
6. Two Polish Jews, one rich, one poor
Promenade V
7. Limoges. Le Marché
8. Catacombae - With the dead ones in a dead language
9. The hut on chicken feet (Baba-Jaga)
10. The Bogatyr Gate (in the old capital Kiew)
Midi-file (Promenade I) Score CD Vielsaitig
Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5   Score CD Vielsaitig
Jacques Offenbach Barkarole   Score CD Vielsaitig
Jules Massenet Meditation from Thais (for violin and guitar orchestra)   Score  
Franz Lehar Paganini Melodie (for violin and guitar orchestra)   Score  
Isaac Albeniz Asturias   Score CD Vielsaitig
Johann und Josef Strauß Pizzicato Polka   Score CD Vielsaitig
Johann Strauß Voices of spring waltz   Score  
Johann Strauß New Pizzicato Polka   Score  
Johann Strauß Tritsch Tratsch Polka   Score  
Georges Bizet Carmen-Suite
1. Prélude
2. Habanera
3. Chanson boheme
4. Entr´acte
5. Danse Espagnole
6. Ballet
7. Final
Midi-file (Danse Espagnole) Score CD GEG-Again
Francisco Tárrega Recuerdos de la Alhambra   Score  
Francisco Tárrega Capricho Arabe Midi-file Score CD GEG-Again
Aram Chachaturian Sabre Dance   Score CD Vielsaitig
20th Century
Paul Hindemith Tanz der Holzpuppen   Score  
Scott Joplin The Entertainer   Score CD Vielsaitig
Anton Karas Harry Lime Thema Midi-file Score CD Vielsaitig
Neal Hefti Cute   Score CD GEG-Again
Dave Brubeck Unsquare Dance   Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren
Paul Desmond Take five   Score CD GEG-Again
Sunny Rollins St. Thomas   Score  
Gerd Schuller Giulia   Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren
Klaus Melem Serenade in g-major
I. Allego Moderato
II. Andante
III. Scherzo
IV. Rondo
  Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren
Klaus Melem Tortenschlachtsonate
I. Stan Laurel
II. Oliver Hardy
III. Shaking scenes
Klaus Melem Variations about Oh Susannah
(for violin and guitar orchestra)
  Score CD GEG-Again
Klaus Melem Concertino in Eb-major
(for 2 flutes and guitar orchestra)
I. Allegro
II. Largo
III. Allegro
Midi-file III.Allegro Score  
Klaus Melem Three Songs
(for trumpets and guitar orchestra)
I. ...and let the whole world swing
II. Tears of happiness
III. Growl-Blues
Günther Zabernigg Idleness Midi-file Score  
Dieter Ribitsch Three pieces
I. Heppi Peppi
II. Anitavac
III. Gitarren-Samba
  Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren
Eric Clapton Tears in Heaven   Score  
Gustav Peter In memory of Circus Renz
(for xylophon und guitar orchestra)
Popular Andaluz - Manfred Steflitsch El Vito   Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren
Manfred Steflitsch Three Finnish songs   Score  
Manfred Steflitsch Variations about Moorea (from a theme by Gipsy Kings)   Score CD Klangzauber der Gitarren

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