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Georges Bizet Carmen-Suite
1. Prélude
2. Habanera
3. Chanson boheme
4. Entr´acte
5. Danse Espagnole
6. Ballet
7. Final
Fireworks of dragging melodies!
Franz Schubert Symphonie No. 8 (unfinished), 1st movement The most famous composition of music history for the first time in a great arrangement for guitar orchestra!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphonie in g-minor (exposure) Mozart for guitar orchestra - a real musical treat!
Francisco Tarrega Capriccio Arab Famous piece for solo guitar, played in a new interpretation from GEG!
Klaus Melem Variationes of Oh Susannah
(for violin and guitar orchester)
Original composition for the GEG! A sensational success during the premiere in December 1997 - now also on CD!
Paul Desmond Take five With drums - the GEG plays this famous jazz standard!
Stanley Styne & Neal Hefti Cute Swinging, with violin and drums, the end of the CD!
Arrangements of all works for Guitar Ensemble Graz by Manfred Steflitsch


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