Gitarren Ensemble Graz
Manfred Steflitsch
He was born on the 13th of February 1953 in Oberpichling in Carinthia, Austria.

He studied guitar at the University of Arts in Graz as a student of oHProf. Marga Bäuml-Klasinc.

At the moment he teaches at the Ursuline College in Graz and at the BAKIP Hartberg.

He is the founder, organizer and artistic conductor of the Guitar Ensemble Graz and edits, arranges and composes the pieces for the orchestra. He is also the publisher of the successful series "Highlights for guitar" and head of the GEG music school of the Ursuline College.

Together with his duo-partner Ewald Kienzl he is musically active apart from the GEG as well.

Besides his musical career he is also interested in multimedia, webdesign and the internet. Since 1996 he himself designs the webpages for the GEG !


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